17th July 2020

  • NEW Bob now updates more frequently during the day, and in line with server time
  • NEW Some server stats are shown on the server list on the home page

25th April 2020

Find the latest update below!

  • NEW Updated website layout, all pages are now using the new layout. Utilising more space on bigger screens and improved mobile viewing. If you experience any issues or find any bugs, please let me know!
  • NEW Changes to player/guild statistics pages including more filtering and tabs for statistics/name history
  • UPCOMING Showing current rank on statistics page
  • UPCOMING Showing gains/loses on statistics over time
  • UPCOMING Comparison between players/guilds features
  • UPCOMING Specific date filtering for player/guild stats
  • UPCOMING Another service
  • ONGOING Noticed on some servers player/guild name/tag history has been duplicated

Updates - 24th April 2020

Thank you for continuing to visit Bob! Please see below the summary of the latest update and what to expect in the near future.

  • ONGOING New updated website layout, utilising more space on bigger screens and improved mobile viewing
  • FIXED Guild records are now searchable - there was a bug which was affecting the search indexes from being updated correctly
  • NEW New homepage, new way to list the servers - seperated into game versions
  • NEW Server summary page - lastest server statsics shown on a server "dashboard", including top 5 player/guilds for Level, Ecomony, Fleet, Technology and Experience
  • UPCOMING Changes to player/guild stastics pages including more filtering and comparison between players/guilds features
  • UPCOMING Another service

Finally... - 29th November 2019

Apologies for the now massive wait to see Bob back online - Life got in the way unfortunately!

For the most part, Bob should be working in his new "basic" form. Basic, as this is just the starting block and I now plan on adding to Bob's functionality with some new features.

Please take a look around, if you find any problems (I'm sure there will be something!) or have any suggestions please send me a quick email

I know there is a bug with the Search, Also Known As on the stats pages showing duplicates, as well as some guild tags missing on those pages - working on those!

The stats pages for the older servers might be running a bit slow, the default is to show ALL the data at the moment, I plan on adding a filter soon.

The new look Bob! - 18th November 2019

A massive thank you to Spire for creating and maintaining Bob for all these years, thanks for him there is a wealth of data avaliable to AE players, including the data from Eddie, which is now included here on Bob.

Whats to come?
The main aim over the last few weeks was to process the millions of records in both Bob's and Eddie's databases to covert them into one format and to get Bob in the position to keep running.

Now the plan is to improve on Bob over the days and weeks to come, adding more analysis of the data and options to filter it, as well as introducing some AE tools under the "branding".

Please keep checking back and feel free to send any comments, suggestions and bugs to